Data Lock

Data Lock Ltd is a software solutions provider firm based in Nairobi Kenya specializing in unique identification solutions based on iris and NFC technologies.
It was formed in 2019 to provide cutting edge ITand Security solutions to meet the ever pressing needs of clients.
The founder members are all ITexperts with years of experience in developing ITsolutions for various industries.
Data Lock Ltd not only develops software and security solutions, but carries out after sales services and consulting to ensure that our clients receive the best IT solutions in the market.


1. To develop reliable software solutions that exceed client expectations at the fraction of thecost
2. By being the recognized leader in customized software solutions… Through the application of advanced science and technology.
The values through which we achieve this are:

Integrity, Leadership & Results

What Sets us apart?

Data Lock Ltd maintains its leadership position by focusing on 4 principal points of difference,namely:
1. Innovation
2.We deliver commercial Outcomes for our clients
3.We structure ourselves to serve our specialist industries
4.We deliver comprehensive solutions

Crafted with Love

Most clients that are using our applications love the fact that the solutions have come at a time they really nneded them. For school going kids, parents get to be notified when and where their children are.

Document Security & Management Systems

Secure all government & county government official documents using biometrics
Unscrupulous individuals are fleecing organizations, government and the counties millions of shillings in fake documentations such as business permits, health licenses, payment receipts , court orders,title deeds, appointment letters, wills, etc.
Our technology is able to engrave biometric markers on official documents and enable third party to verify authenticity of the said documents in real time. Fake news purported to have come from a company or institution can have negative implications thus the need to secure all official documentation.


What we Offer

Take advantage of our wide range of customizable data solutions that span various industries and disciplines of social being

Completed Projects

Whereas there are so many ongoing projects,

the following are some of our completed projects.

FaceTrack Videos

Face track check in and check outs work very fast. in a few seconds and the child is checked in or out.


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